Nirmal arts exhibited in the form of Islamic wood paintings and hangings, accompanies aesthetic expressions. The talent of the Nirmal artists in synthesizing Indian and Moghul schools of art is definitely worthy of admiration.

It was promoted by Nizams of Hyderabad, i.e, Nizam Mahboob Ali Khan and Nizam Osman Ali Khan. Being maestro in Calligraphy, Nirmal artists are now moulding toys. Siasat art Gallery have revived the old art of Nirmal Calligraphy.

Nirmal town of Adilabad district is known for its varied range of handicrafts. The amazing skill of the craftsmen make the works appear authentic with their dazzling use of colors accompanied with traditional techniques of creating masterpieces. Adding to the authenticity of the Nirmal works is the use of natural dyes.

Nirmal art is among the trough struck arts dying out at double the pace of evolution of multi-media. Siasat in Hyderabad has again revived this magnificent form of Art. We now displaying over hundreds of items at the Siasat Art Gallery. The idea is to bring Nirmal art back to life and simultaneously generate employment.

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